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NetHotels AG is a provider of e-commerce platforms and backoffice software for tourist boards and marketing associations. was founded by Hans J. Pfisterer, an experienced tourism professional, and by DI Brigitte Pfisterer, an IT professional, in Vienna in 1995.

The core technology of the company is the ReServer, an online and backoffice software for hotel bookings. The technology has been constantly improved over the last 12 years and is currently in use by approx. 100 tourist boards. stands for a worldwide network of hoteliers and tourist boards for clients. Presently 95.000 hotels in almost all countries worldwide can be booked via The volume of bookings currently reaches 40 Million Euro per year.

In 2008 the new platform with a number of additional hotels and the innovative NetHotels Retention System went online. With the marketing, controlling and planning tool MAPCOR by NetHotels the tourist boards are provided a further taylormade tool for their industry.

The NetHotels AG is a public company with the Germany Branch NetHotels Deutschland GmbH (plc) in Berlin and operates a travel agency in Vienna (NetHotels Reisebüro GmbH).

Our philosophy:
NetHotels is in the market to make a difference in times of increasing cannibalization in the tourist industry where contract conditions are dictated one-sided. We stand for the spirit of fairness and appreciation in the way we do business. This has been our founding principle - and will remain so for the future."

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NetHotels AG
Reisnerstrasse 37, A-1030 Vienna
[tel] +43(1)7132220
[fax] +43(1)7132230

NetHotels AG
Neulinggasse 31
1030 Wien

Tel: +43 1 713 22 20
Fax: +43 1 713 22 30

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